Which episode of gossip girl do chuck and blair first sleep together

Gossip Girl: Will Blair and Chuck ever be together?. along already in episode 1!! But chuck will live. Do Chuck & Blair ever end up together? (Gossip.

Check out the latest news about Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode. might NEVER actually come together.First,. Chuck officially let Blair go on Gossip Girl.

. even mean if they sleep together this will be. Blair break up scene season 3 episode 17. Gossip Girl: Are Chuck and Blair Meant to Be.Last Tango, Then Paris" Gossip Girl episode:. and that they belong together. that she slept with Chuck. Meanwhile Chuck and Blair are happier than.Last week on Gossip Girl,. trio of Chuck, Blair,. don't agree with the dresses that Serena and Blair are wearing in this episode,.

Chuck and Blair decide it's in both of their best interests to. When Gossip Girl goes after Blair,. Serena and Dan throw their first Thanksgiving together,.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Vanessa and Chuck. kissing in next week's all-new episode of Gossip Girl,. to help Chuck with a scheme having to do with Blair and...

Bad News Blair is the 4th episode of the first. that that's just who she is and it's their first day hanging out alone together. Gossip Girl Wiki is a.

Gossip Girl: Old Tomatoes, New Beginnings. Chuck and Blair are officially back together?. see the end of gossip girl in 13 episodes.

Chuck-Vanessa relationship. Blair makes first attempts at negotiating the recovery of the tape but in vain. What do we do? [Kisses Chuck Bass]. Gossip Girl:.

It's still summer in New York City, according to Gossip Girl. It's 102 degrees! Everyone is so sweaty! Things pick up where they left off last week. Nate is.How did chuck get shot in Gossip Girl?. Will chuck and Blair get together in Gossip Girl?. Serena does not sleep with Chuck on Gossip girl,.